Monday, April 6, 2009

My Brother's War

Saw Jessica Hines speak to a room full of photographers this morning about her body of work My Brother's War. She is a great speaker. I am hoping she will inspire more of the students to make work in areas of deep and personal interest, rather than adopting recent visual trends from overseas, which seems to happen at times and can lead to work that is difficult to engage with.

Jessica talked of travelling to the house where her brother died for the first time to take photographs for My Brother's War, which exactly parallels my experience. I had never been to the house where my brother took his own life until I was compelled to for my project, nor had I been (or even really known) where his ashes were scattered.

When The Shore was first exhibited at Artstation I was moved at the way my work encouraged others to tell their stories. A woman talked to me about her adult schizophrenic son and the pain he suffers, and some of the difficulties of living with mental illness. Others talked of visiting relatives in Carrington Hospital, as I had.

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