Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

I was thrilled to win the Barfoot & Thompson Award a couple of weeks back, thanks to Glaister Ennor and OREX Gallery. The judges were John Daly-Peoples and Rex Armstrong. Daly-Peoples was very perseptive about my work, which was most refreshing after years of being asked what my work is 'about'.

Unfortunately on the gallery website the reproduction of my work isn't so great, but the other winners' work looks good.

(From left to right: the chap from Barfoot & Thompson (apologies for not recalling the name), Bibi Ashger (Glaister Ennor staff chice award), Matthew Carter (Glaister Ennor Award), John Daly-Peoples, Rex Armstrong, and myself.)

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Matthew Carter said...

Hi Karen, That's Jack Porus next to you and Peter Thompson is the man from Barfoot and Thompson.
Hope you are doing well. Matt